Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD 2018

The Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD highlights new health and movement-promoting products and informs the user about the latest developments in the market. Submit your product now!


About Us

About the AWARD

The Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD is the first of its kind for outstanding motion-stimulating and health-promoting product solutions in workplaces. This international competition is aimed at all manufacturers of products for workspace who want to make their products stand out through health and movement-promoting elements. An expert jury judges according to a tried and tested system and selects the best products every year.

Rating a Product

Evaluation process

Products can be nominated for the Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD if they offer innovative and creative solutions for reducing sitting time and promoting health in the workplace. They should be fun to use, intuitively stimulate movement and should activate the musculoskeletal system. The expert jury meet once a year to evaluate the nominated products in several phases. The products are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Motivation

Is it fun to use the product? Does it invite intuitive usage? How innovative is the product?

  • Practicality

Is the product appropriate? Is the product safe and easy to use? How functional is it?

  • Design

Is the product appealing, self-explanatory and functional? Is it characterized by great design and materials?

  • Senses

Which senses are stimulated? How does it feel to the touch?

  • Movement

Does the product promote physical activity? How is the musculoskeletal system stimulated? To what extent is the promotion of physical activity required?

  • Overall Score

Sum of the points for all above criteria on a scale of 1-100


Jury of experts

Advantages to join

Added value



Market distinction, value and increased visibility

The winners of the Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD receive the AWARD Mark which can be used both in print and digitally as a PR and marketing tool. The award distinguishes the product from others on the market and significantly increases its visibility. The winners can use the AWARD Mark to stand out from the competition in their marketing and communication.


Market positioning in the field of workplace health

Your profile as designers and manufacturers of health-promoting office products is highlighted by the Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD. As part of ORGATEC, you act as a multiplier for one of the most important global trends of our digital age – the massive trend of health in the workplace. It also supports accompanying work with the press, presentation and linking to the Eurocres ActiveOffice online portal.


Eurocres ActiveOffice certificate and trophy

The winners of the Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD will receive the Eurocres ActiveOffice trophy and certificate on stage during the award ceremony. With this award, you are in the spotlight, receiving maximum attention in a room full of experts and professionals who are specialist architects and planners, furniture manufacturers, retailers, top decision-makers, and above all, users.

Award ceremony

AWARD ceremony

The award winners selected by the jury will receive their prizes during the award ceremony. This takes place on the 25th of October 2018 at ORGATEC in front of a broad international audience.

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01. Declaration of participation

Please sign the declaration of participation. We will only accept products in the Screening Process for which we have received a signed declaration.

Download declaration of participation

02. Registration

You can register via the application form on the homepage or via the Eurocres ActiveOffice administrative office under You should provide us with all important information about the product which you wish to register for the AWARD and about your company/designer. It is important that you provide us with pictures of the registered product (5 max.). Only digital applications will be accepted. Please ensure appropriate quality when uploading files.

The registration deadline is 23rd September 2018, 24:00 Uhr CET. Applications received after this date will not be considered. After you have submitted your product, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. If not included in the uploaded files already, it will also contain the declaration of participation which you must return to us signed. We will only accept products in the Screening Process for which we have received a signed declaration. You can also download and inspect it yourself on the website. The pres-screening will take place between the 24th and 27th September based on the information supplied by you, which leads to the nomination of the TOP 15. On 28th September 2018 we will inform you whether your product was nominated in the TOP 15. If your product was nominated in the TOP 15, it will take part in the special show at the ORGATEC at the health culture knowledge forum. It will also be exhibited at the ORGATEC from 23rd to 27th October.

03. Delivery of the product to ORGATEC 2018

If your product is nominated in the TOP 15 for the Eurocres ActiveOfficeAWARD, it automatically takes part in the special show at ORGATEC at the health culture knowledge forum from 23th until 27th october 2018. If your are an exhibitor at ORGATEC yourself there are other delivery arrangements for you than if you are not an exhibitor. You can get further details about this shortly on the website and via E-mail.

04. Collecting products from ORGATEC 2018

After the ORGATEC took place we would ask you to pick up your product. You can get further details about this shortly on the website and via E-mail.

05. Jury Meeting

The jury meeting takes place on 24th October 2018 at the ORGATEC. The jury will evaluate the products during their tour of the exhibition at the health culture knowledge forum.

06. AWARD Ceremony

The award ceremony, at which prizes and the Eurocres ActiveOffice certificates are awarded to the winners takes place on the 25th October 2018 at the ORGATEC in front of a wide international audience. There is an exclusive reception for winners and guests following the award ceremony.

07. AWARD costs

A participation fee of €3,300 net is payable for the TOP 15 nominees. We are entitled to remove a nominated product from the nomination list and to withdraw from the declaration of participation if the participation fee has not been paid until 12th October 2018 to the account specified in the declaration of participation.

Nominee/winner package:
– Product presentation at the Health Culture Knowledge Forum during ORGATEC 2018 between the 23rd and 27th of October, 2018
– Participation in PechaKucha at the Health Culture Knowledge Forum

1st-3rd place:
– Eurocres ActiveOffice trophy
– Winner’s certificate

1st-15th place:
– Eurocres ActiveOffice certificate and certification document
– Eurocres ActiveOffice product mark
– Integration of company logo on the Eurocres ActiveOffice placard during the AWARD ceremony
– Multichannel marketing package
– Online product presentation on

08. Contact

Contact partner

Carolina Welter


Phone: +49-30-88 66 90 50

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